Trophy Magnet Turnips (3# Jar)

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 Turnips can be an excellent addition to any wildlife food plot. Trophy Magnet® Turnips will provide valuable forage for whitetail deer, turkey and other wildlife as they are attracted to the sweet foliage as well as the turnips that form just below the soil surface. Trophy Magnet® Turnips perform best when planted with other cool season wildlife food plot species such as small grains, oats, clovers, chicory and winter peas. Wildlife are not especially attracted to the foliage of the turnip until it has gone through one or more frosts or freezes. This freezing of the foliage causes sugars in the plant to come up into the leaves. This is when Trophy Magnet® Turnips provide their maximum attraction. This delayed usage by wildlife make Turnips an excellent choice for those food plots that are intended for late season attraction. Whitetail deer, turkey and other wildlife will often dig up the turnip out of the ground offering them another winter time food source. Trophy Magnet® Turnips are small seeded and should be planted no more than ¼ inch deep.