Trophy Magnet Alfalfa- Inoculated (5# Jar)

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Trophy Magnet Alfalfa is a highly productive, proven alfalfa that is ideally suited to Oklahoma and the southern United States for use as a wildlife attractant. Trophy Magnet Alfalfa has been a top performer for many years in university forage yield trials throughout Oklahoma. If you are looking for a long lived perennial wildlife food plot, then Trophy Magnet Alfalfa is just what you are looking for. With excellent productivity, and a strong disease and insect resistance package, Trophy Magnet Alfalfa can provide a high quality, high protein forage for whitetail deer, turkey and other wildlife species. Alfalfa is a deep tap rooted perennial plant that can provide years of high quality forage, making it an excellent choice for your wildlife food plot needs. Alfalfa offers strong attraction for whitetail deer, turkey and a host of other wildlife.